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If you are a Commercial Real Estate Broker, or perhaps a sales representative our service is built to help you improve your networking, generate leads, and do referrals. ICIWorld has been helping real estate professionals generate wealth since 1994.

Our Real Estate Information IDX is built for Commercial Real Estate Brokers & all Real Estate Professionals

Best-kept real estate money making secret on the internet

In just a minute I would like to introduce you to the best-kept real estate money-making secret on the internet. But first, let’s be completely honest. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, you will still have to work hard, but in the meantime how about a way of working smarter?

We hear your frustration

We talk to Commercial Real Estate Brokers like you every day and we hear what you’re saying.

You want to be able to:

  • improve your network
  • generate more leads from your website
  • close more deals
  • show your clients your real estate activity
  • give your website visitors a reason to return and
  • solve problems with low inventory and signing new listings.

Our service is the best-kept secret on the internet. I say that,  because we know that our commercial real estate brokers are keeping our service on the down low,  an ace up their sleeve.


Commercial Real Estate Brokers

“… swears by ICIWorld.”
Manzoor Bhatti Sales Representative

“It is, no doubt, the best online site in Canada for real estate”
Leo Hara Sales Representative

“… many calls on properties and is developing business relationships that is leading to other deals.” Ken Karakas, Sales Representative

“I would also say I have sold a number of my listings directly from the ICI WORLD.  and I have ongoing correspondence with a number of prospects at all times.”  Lorne Mallory, MBA, Broker 


One tool that does everything.

Our app is built for commercial real estate brokers & sales representatives. I suspect that you are here to find ways to make more money in real estate. Great news! We are here to help you.



Use your phone camera, scan the code and install the app.  See for yourself the power and potential of the real estate information in databases.



All those issues boil down to the bottom line of being unable to control the real estate information.

You want to

  • improve your network,
  • generate more leads from your website,
  • close more deals,
  • show your clients your real estate activity,
  • give your website visitors a reason to return and
  • solve problems with low inventory and signing new listings

It hasn’t been your fault

… but up until now, there hasn’t been anything that you can do about your website visitors skipping past you to the listing office to do a deal. Now you can change that. We get really excited about sharing our service with everyone because we know it will make a difference to closing more deals.

We are a Real Estate information listing service and available globally, wherever there is internet, to 187 countries and territories.

a house with a three car garage, from the street at twilight after a rain
of our Residential Real Estate Information

75% of our commercial real estate information, and about 50% of residential is exclusive to our service and is not found elsewhere on the internet. That is a big deal because it gives you the inside track on properties.

commercial high rise buildings
of our Commercial Real Estate Information


After the Real Estate IDX is installed on your website you will have real estate information from all over the world. Be ready to do referrals. Our member subscribers report them happening every day and are worth thousands of dollars to you.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Earlier we had a list of some of your day-to-day problems. Well, now we can start putting some tick boxes in the column of the problem solved by the Real Estate IDX.  First, let’s imagine the IDX is installed on your website!


Show your clients your real estate activity

The first link under your new exclusives button will be ‘My Haves and Wants’.  You will display on your website your active, solds, haves, and wants listings.

Generate more leads from your website
Improve your network
Close more deals

Since you now control the contact information, it is inevitable that you will generate leads, that will improve your network and help you close more deals.

Low Inventory 
Give your website visitors a reason to return

When the real estate IDX was installed you had instant access to thousands, of mostly exclusive listings, of real estate information. You have the inside track to exclusives and your website visitors will return because you have proven you can help them.

Websites with the Real Estate IDX

the installation adds an ‘Exclusives’ button to your main navigation

Start your IDX Subscription

2 minute start-up to join, real estate information on your website instantly when IDX is installed

Yes! I want the Real Estate IDX today!

75% of Commercial & 50% of Residential are

real estate information listings are exclusive to our service and not found elsewhere on the internet.